Only practice gets you into the video games, hit the ice with the intention of getting a little bit better at an aspect of the game each day and soon you'll be doing the things you see in video games! WilleyCorp is a PS5 Gamer on Youtube that supports all Maine Youth Hockey Programs and looks forward to seeing the future generation dominating the rinks!

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About Southern Maine Youth Hockey


Manages Huskies Youth Hockey Tier IV programs and Southern Maine Breakers  Tier II and III programs

SMYHA, is a non-profit USA Hockey affiliate that provides youth hockey instruction to players in southern Maine.  Our home rink is the USM Ice Arena in Gorham, and Biddeford Ice Arena.  SMYHA caters to youth players from all over southern Maine.

In early 2013, Huskies Youth Hockey (HYH) and Southern Maine Breakers (SMB) voted to merge the two groups into Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association (SMYHA), this merger allows for better communication and management of both organizations.

SMYHA sincerely hopes you and your player (s) have a most enjoyable hockey experience. We are a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.  With approximately 400 players in the entire organization it takes a tremendous amount of effort to meet our goal of an enjoyable hockey experience for all.  Wheather your a video game hero, like our best gamers on youtube, or a player in real life we encourage input, your support and especially your time. Volunteers are greatly appreciated and help to make our organization stronger.


Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association has been organized and is incorporated under the Maine Nonprofit Corporations Act and shall be operated exclusively for charitable, educational, or scientific purposes within the meaning of §501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the "Code") as the same may be amended from time to time.  Within these purposes, the purposes of the Corporation shall include

1. Developing and encouraging sportsmanship among all players and participants for the betterment of their physical, social, and emotional well being;

2. Encouraging, improving, and promoting a higher standard of ice hockey and educating players about the rules and skills of the game.

3. Abiding by, promoting, and furthering the goals, objectives, and values of USA Hockey and the Maine Amateur Hockey Association (MeAHA). SMYHA abides by the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Playing Rules, and decisions effected and promulgated by USA Hockey to the extent not inconsistent with the Corporation’s exempt status under the Code.

For a complete guide to the rules, regulations, and guiding principles of SMYHA, please refer to the Player-Parent Handbook.

Who To Contact

Your primary source of immediate and up-to-date information on schedules, games, tournaments, and other Association activities is your Team Administrator or Coach. Our website contains rosters, forms, and other news items, our calendar is managed on a weekly basis. You can also check with a Board representative on Association matters.  Email links can be found on the contacts page of our site.


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Our Facebook Page and our website, are your two sources of information regarding weather cancellations. In the event of weather cancellations, these will be updated with an announcement.



HYHA offers levels of beginning hockey depending on your player’s age and skating ability; Break the Ice, Atoms and the Initiation Program. The goal is to make the hockey experience enjoyable without risking injury, so that your child wants to come back and skate again. While every parent wants to see their child play games and score goals, HYHA follows the USA Hockey program for proper development of players. This includes a focus on skill development, safety, proper equipment, and cross ice games. The general guidelines for the placement of players are summarized below. However, as in all sports some players may have more advanced skills and can be moved into a more appropriate program based solely on the judgment of the HYHA instructors. All players must complete either the Atoms or Initiation Program in order to play in the House programs. All sessions will be held at the USM rink in Gorham.

Huskies Youth Hockey offers a place for all youth aged 4 to 12 the opportunity to learn skating and the game of hockey. Please review the different programs offered; Break the Ice, Atoms and Initiation. Bring any questions you have to the walk in registration on the dates listed on the website, or you can contact the Beginning Hockey Director, for more information. All programs listed below can be registered on line. The fees listed do not include the USA Hockey fee ($40) or the MEAHA fee ($12). When you register on line you will pay the USA Hockey and MEAHA fee directly and forward the USAH registration along with your HYH tuition to HYHA.

Required Equipment:

 •Personal Protection Shorts (Jock or Jill)

•Leg Pads - Shin and Knee

•Hockey Socks

•Hockey Pants (suspenders if needed)

•Chest Protector

•Elbow Pads

•Neck Guard


•Mouth Guard


•Skates (make sure they have been sharpened)


House Hockey

House Hockey Tier IV

HYHA offers Tier IV programs for all divisions from Mites through Bantams based on the age classifications presented above. Each player registering for House must have completed one year of IP, regardless of age. The Tier IV program is a focused on player development, competition and fun. The goal is not winning, but developing skaters into solid hockey players. The expectation of coaches is equal playing time for all players, provided the players are making the commitment to attend all practice sessions. At the Mite and Squirt level, all players are encouraged to play each position including goalie. It is not until the Peewee level that HYHA expects players to settle into one position. The season consists of 40-45 ice sessions including 16-20 games. HYHA has developed reciprocal arrangements with other local organization’s to provide a competitive local schedule of games.

Mites will play cross ice games for the full season. Cross-ice games are being encouraged by USA Hockey for improved skills development and are being adopted by all programs in Maine. All players receive a HYHA practice jersey that they can keep, a game jersey which must be returned, and Game socks that they can keep.

The Tier IV program fee includes two tournaments; the HYHA Annual Holiday Tournament run over the Winter break at USM, and the Casco Bay Tournament in March. Bantam and Girls teams will be assured of two tournaments also. They may be different then the Mite-Peewee tournaments. Players must participate in a year of Tier IV with HYHA or another certified USA Hockey Youth program before trying out for the Tier II and III programs.

Cost: $575 plus the $52 fee for USA Hockey and MEAHA. Estimated 40-45 ice sessions and two tournaments.

Regular Season

The HYHA ice hockey season runs from October until March. While the HYHA heartily welcomes all inquiries and has as its goal the intention of involving as many youngsters as possible, a waiting list may have to be created in situations where team rosters are full and there are insufficient numbers of skaters to complete another team. It is important to register before the deadline to assure your player a position on a team.

Team Size

The Board believes that a maximum practical number of players on a team are 16 (three complete offensive and defensive lines plus a goalie). As such, the Board's objective is to place 12-16 qualified players on each team for Squirt and above. At the Mites level we will be playing 4 on 4 during cross-ice games for the first half of the season. As such HYHA may place as few as 10-12 players on each Mite team. The goal of the HYHA is to keep per player fees as low as possible and provide a forum to develop each player's skills as a hockey player.

Scheduled Practices & Games

Each team within each age classification will generally have 1 scheduled practice and up to one game each week during the season, except for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, when special tournaments may take place. Practices may or may not be at the same time, place and day each week. A schedule will be distributed by the Division Director 1-2 weeks prior to the beginning of the month to each Team Manager and will also be available on the HYHA website. Schedules are subject to changes due to USM college hockey, and other events. Your Team Administrator will be given updates as needed. All practices will be held at USM. Games will be at the USM Ice Arena or other local arenas.

Annual Holiday Tournament

The HYHA Holiday Tournament is held each year during school vacation week in late December. It is a Tier IV tournament for Mites, Squirts, and Peewees which gives our players a chance to play teams from other leagues in our area. HYHA expects participation by all players and their families in this event. As this is a fundraiser for the organization, families will be required to volunteer time during the tournament to help run the penalty boxes, clock, and other tasks associated with the tournament.

Extended Play Hockey

When there are two or more Tier IV teams in a division, Huskies Youth Hockey may offer Extended Play programs at the Mite, Squirt, Peewee and Bantam levels, depending on interest, team viability, and subject to USA Hockey and MEAHA recommendations. Extended play teams will have approximately 20 additional ice sessions and will be made up of players from each of the Tier IV teams. Games for extended play teams will be scheduled generally within an hour of USM with other programs that offer extended play. Players will be extended invitations to play on the Extended Play team in their division based on player rankings from the team selection evaluations and player analysis in the first weeks of the season. We are really digging deep to find real gold in Maine, it's people.

Travel Hockey

HYH Travel Hockey

Currently, HYH offers the following Tier II team opportunity.

The cost for the 2013-2014 season:

Midgets  $475  (plus USAH registration and jersey purchase)

Midgets Goalie $238


Tier II and Tier III

Combined associations to create a high level of competition for players throughout the state. Huskies have combined with Southern Maine Breakers to create a competitive and rewarding Tier II and Tier III program. Tier II and Tier III programs are overseen by a subcommittee made up of members of HYHA and SMB. Tryouts and team selections for Comp A are done in the spring for various reasons including the schedule of games which  begin as early as October. The purpose of the regionalization is to provide a high level of competitive hockey throughout the State of Maine

Coaches Corner


Welcome Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association COACHES

to the 2014-2015 Season!

Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association (SMYHA) is looking forward to another fun and exciting season with our players, parents, and coaches. 

You, the Coaches, are the backbone of this organization, and we wouldn't be able to do what we do without your enthusiasm, dedication, and effort - Thank you!

All Coaches that will be participating at ANY level of play MUST complete the USAH and HYH/Breakers registration process for 2014-15 season.  This is true regardless of your years of experience coaching with either organization.  Those with many years as well as those entering their first season coaching with us - all must register.


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