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    Proposed SMYHA Bylaw changes

    Below is our current bylaws with the suggested changes in bold and underline.

    This will  be voted on by the Board during our meeting on April 23rd.


    3.1 Identification of Members: The membership of the Corporation shall consist of the parents and/or legal guardians of all the legally registered skaters  and any registered coaches of Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association, including all registered skaters in the age divisions of Initiation, Atom, Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, and Midget, and in the Girls Program, regardless of Tier or level of competition or participation. The membership shall include the parents and/or legal guardians of all the legally registered skaters in both the Tier II/Tier III/Tier IV component or program operated by the Corporation. The Secretary of the Corporation shall maintain a list of the current Members of the Corporation. 


    7.5 Quorum, Voting and Manner of Acting:

    (c) Each Member, Director or individual serving on a committee of the Corporation who is present shall have one vote on each matter submitted to a vote at any meeting.  Except at meetings of the Members where proxies shall be permitted, voting by proxy at meetings of the Directors or its committees shall not be permitted. Members shall have, for the purpose of voting, one (1) vote per registered skater or one vote per register coach (if you do  not have a registered skater) with such vote(s) to be cast by the parents or legal guardians at duly noticed meetings of the Association. No parent or legal guardian shall be entitled to a vote on behalf any skater that is not then current with regards to fees owed to the association. In the event the parents or legal guardians of a skater cannot agree as to the manner in which the vote shall be cast, it shall be disregarded.

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