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Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association 
Summer Programs

Learn to Play Hockey Summer Edition

Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association, the organization that runs the Huskies Youth Hockey and Southern Maine Breakers programs, is proud to offer an Introduction to Learn to Play Hockey Program this summer designed for skaters ages 4 to 12 years old.

This program is designed to introduce to the game of hockey to beginning players in a positive and fun way!   This program can include beginning skaters and kids with various skill levels who have an interest in hockey.

All players need to be registered with USA Hockey for the 2018-2019 hockey season. The USA Hockey fee is $40, but registration for USA Hockey  is FREE  to all players under the age of 6 years-old.

Program Registration Now Open: Learn to Play Hockey Summer Edition
Starts Thursday Aug 2nd  - Thursday  October 4th at 6:10pm
Cost $75 for 10 Sessions, 60 minutes each


All sessions will be held at the USM Ice Arena in Gorham

To participate, all players need to wear full hockey gear. This includes the following items:

• Helmet
• Hockey pads - chest, elbow and leg pads
• Jock (for the boys) or Jill shorts (for girls)
• Hockey pants
• Hockey gloves
• Neck guard
• Mouth guard
• Hockey jersey
• Hockey stick
• Hockey skates

For those who register for this program, we recommend arriving 20-30 minutes prior the starting ice time to provide you with ample time to help your hockey player get dressed.

Space is limited and registration will close when the session fills up.


*If you find yourself in need of equipment, SMYHA has a few sets that are available for usage. (no skates)  Please email the beginning hockey director if you would like to borrow any equipment for this program.


Girls Learn to Play Hockey Summer Clinic

2 Sessions - Thursday Aug 2nd and Thursday August 30 at 6:10pm
Cost $30 for 2 Sessions, 60 minutes each

This clinic will consist of (2) one hour sessions for girls to come give ice hockey a try with very limited commitment from a financial and time perspective.   This session will focus more on developing the proper skating technique, turning, stopping and the fundamentals of the game to prepare girls to join one of our teams in the fall of 2018 if they choose to continue their love of the game. While introducing more skill development to these sessions, it will still focus on having fun!

Ages: 8 -14.

Equipment needed:

Skates and Helmets are required to be worn on the ice. Full gear will not be required, however SMYHA has some loaner equipment to use to better pad them up in case they fall (helmets, shin guards, pants, elbow pads, shoulder pads, sticks). These are limited in availability and sizing, please inquire. Skates are not provided.

Instructors:  The clinic will be run by current SMYHA Girls coaches. It will be a fun, low pressure environment to come try one of the fastest, most exciting sports available to kids.

For more information or questions, contact Brian McCauley


DATES:   6 weeks starting Sunday JULY 29th ending Sept 2nd.

TIMES:    Intermediate 6:10-7:00pm    Advanced 7:10 pm - 8:00 pm

Mites, Squirts, PeeWees, Bantams and Midgets

COST:    $125/PLAYER


The power skating program will focus on training techniques designed for hockey players. Some of the primary components covered in the sessions will be 

  • Powerful Strides and crossovers
  • Backward Skating
  • Skating with pucks
  • Tight turns
  • Lateral mobility
  • Explosive starts and acceleration
  • Agility training
  • Edge work

 Each session will include a review of previously learning to promote progressive development. 

Ability Descriptions

"Intermediate" players tend to be less experienced.  They certainly are not beginning skaters, but have not spent as much time on ice as some other players.  Intermediate players can skate forward well and do cross-overs in both directions.  They can skate backwards, but can NOT do cross-overs in both directions and have difficulty with transitional movements involving forwards to backwards or backwards to forwards.

"Advanced" skaters are usually more experienced and have spent a lot of time on ice.  They can skate well both forwards and backwards.  The can do forward cross-overs well in both directions, and can do backward cross-overs in BOTH directions, but one direction may be better than the other. Advanced skaters are also comfortable in transition movements involving forward to backwards and backwards to forwards.